Born in Utah, raised mostly in Colorado, I have lived and worked in eight states. From installing appliances in Florida, to operating heavy equipment in Oregon, to sixteen years as a project manager in Arkansas, my life has seen nearly as many changes of career as changes of place. I have worked as a truck driver, and a logger. I have managed the earthwork side of the construction of more parking lots, subdivisions, and utility projects than I can even remember. I have co-owned and operated my own excavation contracting business. But mostly, I have always been a writer.

I sometimes wonder if chasing the American Dream for all those years was a waste of time. Would I have accomplished more by pursuing my passion for writing at a younger age? Like all what-ifs, it’s a question that will never have an answer. Alternate pasts, like alternate futures, can never be known, only imagined.

As I continue transferring alternate or future realities from my imagination to the written page, I sincerely hope you enjoy the reading as much as I enjoy the writing. Marcus.Dean@lastditchpress.com