To live is to also die. The extraordinary story of an ordinary life.

Born in mid-century, coming of age in the 1960s, he lived the best and the worst of times. Searching for meaning where the meaning is to search, his life was forever in the blink of an eye. Now, he struggles to fully remember his life. All of it. The events, the successes, and the failures, but mostly the people. The loves of his life and all those others who somehow shared in his journey. That’s what is most important. The memories of all those who made the living worth the dying.

Why is it so hard to reassemble the memories of a lifetime? Why is it so important to do so? Is there a purpose to living, or is life just a random series of interactions, some more personal than others? In the end, as death approaches, is enlightenment possible, or are we left in the dark forever?

past, present, and future

a story of our lifetime