Environmental New Year’s Resolution

For your New Year’s resolution this year, why not do your part for the environment. Make one simple resolution to help save the planet: NO MORE ICE!
ICE is the acronym for internal combustion engines. No one should ever buy new gasoline or diesel-powered personal vehicles again. As governments set deadlines for ICE vehicle sales to end, they are setting them years or decades in the future, which isn’t nearly soon enough. It’s up to us consumers to speed the transition to all-electric personal vehicles. Legacy automobile manufacturers don’t want to transition as fast as possible because they and their dealers make a lot more money from ICE vehicles than they do from BEVs (Battery Electric Vehicles). This is especially true for the dealers, who rely on service and maintenance charges, not vehicle sales, for most of their profits. Not that I have any particular grudge against car dealers, but it’s time to put long-term environmental health above short-term profits. Not just for car dealers, but for all of us. If enough of us refuse to buy a new ICE vehicle ever again, the automakers will be forced to ramp up the supply of BEVs. It’s the simple law of supply and demand.
For those of you who are skeptics, mostly because of advertising propaganda, you can do anything in an electric car that you can do in an ICE car. I know. I’ve been driving a Chevy Bolt for more than a year now, and I will never buy another ICE vehicle again.
But what if I need a pickup, you might ask. Several electric trucks will be debuting in 2021, but there is already insufficient supply to meet demand. Simple solution, buy a used ICE truck instead of a new one. Force the big three to ramp up electric truck production and then, in a few years, buy a brand new electric truck. We need to get all ICE pickup trucks off the road, but the best place to start is by not adding any more to what’s already out there.
Here’s a simple truth: In our economic system, the power of government is nothing compared to the power of the consumer. Use your power for good this year. The world needs it now more than ever.

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