How should we divide our country?

A hundred and sixty years ago, the USA divided itself into the blue and the grey, and a terrible war was the result. Now we are dividing into the blue and the red, hoping our divisions stop short of civil war. How can we prevent another catastrophe when our differences are so vast? Is there a way to divide our country into two separate nations without another uncivil war? One country that’s a mostly secular, mostly progressive, inclusive democracy, and one that’s a predominantly White, mostly Christian, conservative plutocracy?
In some ways, America is already that divided, except that instead of two countries, we have everyone mixed together helter-skelter all over the land. Instead of the great melting pot, we now have near equal parts of oil and water thrown together with no emulsifier to combine them.
Two separate countries might be the only solution. But how do we divide this nation of over 300 million people? It won’t be easy. There are no totally blue nor totally red states. Take Colorado – solidly blue on the 2020 political map but very divided in reality. Biden won 1.8 million votes compared to Trump winning 1.4 million votes. For Colorado to be populated by nothing but either red or blue voters, millions of people would need to be displaced.
The right wants to conserve (save) a country that hasn’t existed for over fifty years. For the most extreme, their country hasn’t existed for two centuries: the left dreams and strives for a country that has never existed. The liberals in America will never willingly go back to the old days, and the conservatives insist on ruling the country, even though they are a minority of the population.
If a house divided cannot stand, is our nation’s collapse inevitable?

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  1. I really did not want to read about your politics. I guess I won’t want to read any more of your books, either. And conservatives are not in the minority.

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