As the debate over policing in America plays out across the various news and media platforms, The Police States Of America becomes more and more relevant. If you want more insight into how and why our justice system is so unjust, this book is for you.

And now, for the first time, The Police States Of America is not exclusive to Amazon. It is now available at Barnes and Noble and will be available soon on Apple, Kobo, and more. If you haven’t already, I hope you read this book soon. As one reviewer said, and I paraphrase, this book has something for everyone to hate.

That reviewer was undoubtedly on to something. I don’t think many will agree with all of the ideas I put forth in the book. But on the flip side, there aren’t many who will disagree with everything, either. The facts and statistics in the book are irrefutable, unless, like Donald Trump would like you to believe, you think real news is fake and fake news is real. The conclusions and opinions in the book are my own. Grab your copy today!

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