Safer At Home


Safer at Home

Today’s the day! My home state of Colorado will begin opening back up. Governor Polis has changed the executive order from a stay at home order to a “safer at home order.” Being open for business means we are almost guaranteed a surge in Covid-19 cases in our state. The sad part is, it wouldn’t have to mean that at all. If everyone followed the guidelines of social distancing and wearing a mask in public, we probably could re-open Colorado with a reasonable degree of safety.

Here’s the rub – the same people who protest against lock downs are the very ones unwilling to wear masks and practice social distancing. As far as they’re concerned, we’ve only lost fifty-thousand people to Covid-19, and, better yet, most of them were in that liberal snake pit called New York. When you’re a radical right-wing conservative from the hinterlands, that’s not such a bad deal.

Guess we’ll see how people feel when the death total in the U.S. is five-hundred thousand, or a million. And, more importantly, when the population of rural America starts reaching hospitalization rates of five to ten percent, with deaths in the thousands. There are just over thirty thousand people in the county I live in. As of yesterday, the county only listed one death from Covid-19.

Here is my prediction for the future:

I predict that, before this year is out, the one rural hospital in the county will be totally overwhelmed, and we will see at least 300 deaths from Covid-19. That is, I predict that before it’s over, the virus will kill about 1% of the residents of my home county. Most of those deaths will be a direct result of people not following safety precautions.

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