Stealing Elections

Do you believe we have massive voter fraud in America? If so, who is perpetrating all that fraud? As a friend of mine put it the other day, if anyone could “rig” a presidential election in America, who do you think would be most likely to do the rigging? In yet another outstanding example of Trump and his cohorts use of doublethink or doublespeak, they have tried and tried to “steal” the election by claiming that the election was stolen from them. Trump started trying to rig the election a long time ago by convincing his loyal followers that the only way he could possibly lose was if the election was rigged against him.

I don’t have much hope of anyone being able to bridge our vast political divide, but the fact that Trump was unable to “rig” the election of 2020 has done much to bolster my faith in our electoral systems. Now, if we could just get rid of the electoral college so everyone’s vote would count instead of just those people who live in “swing” states…

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