I have republished The Police States Of America. This second edition is now available on Amazon. I had planned on just leaving it out of print, and then came the murder of George Floyd. I unpublished this book to keep it from detracting from my works of fiction. Mainly to keep people from turning against me personally to the point of losing sales. Now, I realize how selfish that was. Not only selfish but stupid. I don’t write anything to get rich, I write to express my ideas and my creativity. The views expressed in The Police States Of America are what I genuinely believe. If enough of us think our entire system of society needs to be changed, maybe we can make change happen. But first, we have to get ideas for change out there. I am making The Police States Of America available as cheaply as I can, to get my ideas to as many readers as possible. The Kindle version is free on Amazon through June 16th. Grab a copy and let me know what you think. Thank you.


  1. Leslie B Drury

    Hi there Mark, think clear back to your childhood and my cousin Elaine, your Aunt Elaine. This is Leslie, we must be 2nd cousins? You look so much like your dad that it’s wonderful. I saw Jimmie Lloyd at Elaine’s funeral and I was shocked at how much he looked and sounded like your dad. I hope there comes a time in this lifetime that we can see one another and talk about our wonderful families that are no longer with us. hope we can stay in touch.

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