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Here is some of what they have to say:

*****Wow. A must read that you won’t put down!
Sometimes you just don’t know if you’ll like a book or not. This was me starting out, but oh wow I was wrong. I loved it!!! The storyline was amazing, the characters are easy to relate to, and I read it in one day!

*****voice of dystopia
move over millie cooper we have a new voice joining you in gritty realistic dystopia.this is one more not too miss tale of dystopia

*****COVID on methamphetamines
This is a very good read. I enjoyed it. Thing is, considering the way things are going, something like this could befall us, probably will. There are too many ways it could happen. One of them is bound too crop up. And if one doesn’t, climate change will get us for sure.
Near term human extinction is a term being bandied about among some scientists.