The Polarization Conundrum

To express political opinions, or not? Many, including most members of my own family, are on the opposite side of the political spectrum from me. Though I suspect most people are closer to the middle than on either end of that particular divide. Does that mean I should keep my political views to myself? Would it make my fiction more commercially viable? Probably.
If it is a problem, the problem is that the train already left the station. My left of center political opinions are somewhat evident in everything I write. However, just as I enjoy reading good fiction from authors who are politically as far right as I am left, I hope my position on the political spectrum won’t keep anyone from enjoying my books. In our polarized society, that is probably wishing for the impossible, but I, for one, think the world would be a much better place if we could all stop letting politics rule everything about our lives. To that end, I will try to keep political commentary out of my future posts. However, as far as my fiction is concerned, my politics are bound to bleed through at least a little bit. How can it not if I follow Polonius’ admonition – to thine own self be true.

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