I confess. I conspired to remove Donald Trump from office. Like over eighty million of my co-conspirators, I committed the treasonous act of voting for Joe Biden. Why, you might ask? How could someone who isn’t even a registered Democrat commit such an atrocity?
I think, looking back now, it was the minor crimes I’ve committed over the years that led to this egregious act. It may have started as long ago as when I found myself sympathetic to the Flush Rush movement. Then, there was the crime of refusing to watch Fox News and Breitbart, preferring to get my news from totally biased sources like the AP and NPR. And yes, I admit it; I even started watching the PBS Newshour regularly. I became a news junky and found myself ignoring more and more of the liberal conspiracies that threatened to destroy our country.
Over the past four years, and especially in 2020, I went completely off the rails. I turned my back on claims made so often by Trump and others that they obviously had to be true. I found myself believing more and more liberal propaganda. Like maybe Covid really was worse than the common flu. Maybe mask-wearing was not a nefarious plot to take away our freedoms but actually could help stop the spread of a deadly disease. A disease that could be nothing less than a massive liberal plot to overthrow the greatest President we have ever seen.
In the end, I came to truly believe in that worst evil of all – reality. I confess. I did it. I voted for Joe Biden. Having made my confession, I now urge my co-conspirators to also come forward. The world must know who’s really to blame for removing Donald Trump from office.

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