Stop The Steal???

Realizing that logic plays no part in people’s belief in conspiracy theories, I still have to try bringing logic into the conversation. Granted, since very few will even read this, and I’ll be preaching to the choir to those who do. Still, I have a few questions for those who think the Presidential election was stolen from Donald Trump by some vast conspiracy:

If said conspirators were truly powerful enough to put a Democrat in the White House, would they not also have guaranteed a Democratic Senate majority? Would they have allowed so many losses in the House Of Representatives? And what about individual states? Would it not be logical, not to mention easier, to gain more Democratic control in individual state houses?

If someone, anyone, can give me a logical reason for a vast conspiracy to target only the President and no one else, I would love to hear it. If you have a persuasive enough argument, I might be willing to join Q anon myself.

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